Jack!! December 2016 - Downtown Plano

I love a location where you can walk within a relatively small radius and find all kinds of different backgrounds.  Downtown historic Plano was just that! Jack was easy going and didn't mind the photo in front of the "window quote" sign, seemed too perfect not to get a photo in front of!  We tried to get a few serious photos but it just wasn't Jack!  His smile is who he IS, and I didn't want to make him look like someone he wasn't.  =)  Jack is talented in so many areas, sports, art and music and I am certain he is going to do well in college!!   Make sure you scroll down to the last picture, you won't want to miss it!  =)

I always ask for a "last-picture".  One that describes them and is pretty impromptu!  This wasn't actually Jack's last picture but they were some guys that we met while shooting.  They made us laugh so much that we asked if they wanted in a picture!  Totally described Jack's friendly personality and it made for a great memory!!