Shelby - 2019 Senior - Trinity Christian Academy

September 2018 - Location: Lakewood Park and White Rock Lake - What a sweet group this was! Shelby’s mom and grandmother both came to celebrate Shelby as we took her photos! In my opinion, Senior Photos SHOULD BE an event! It should be an experience and something that is looked back on as a sweet moment of Senior Year! These ladies were just that! Yes, we did have to hide in the car a couple of times because of rain, but all was well, and that bouquet of sunflowers just would make anyone smile! I know I say this a lot, but I am most sincere when I say it, it was a truly wonderful afternoon and I get to work with some of the nicest people. Plus, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE White Rock Lake and Shelby was my only session there this year!

London - 2019 Senior - Trinity Christian Academy

October 2018 - Highland Park Library, Versailles Park and HP Village - Remember the rain, and then more rain last October, yeah, that was London’s session! Thought we were going to escape it, BUT we didn’t! My creative photography had to go into full gear as we moved from place to place finding overhangs and places that would keep London dry! What an amazing mom and daughter though! I don’t remember them once complaining or once not trusting me with my crazy ideas! We even had a visit from Kate who brought us an extra umbrella! =) We had an absolute ball, so thankful for London and this afternoon with them!!

Caroline - 2019 Senior - TCA - Ballet in McKinney

December 2018 - Location: McKinney Square - This was one of my favorite sessions to date!! The mixture of ballet and the taffeta skirt and the decor of McKinney Square at Christmas was just spot on!!

Shelby - 2019 Senior - Plano West Senior High School

DECEMBER 2018 - Location: St. Andrew Methodist Church & Arbor Hills! St. Andrews has gorgeous lighting for photos! I loved too that we were able to make such different looks in the same location!! See the red sweater and then the leather jacket! YEP, all at the same location only steps away from each other!! Then we headed over to Arbor Hills for some photos closer to sunset!L

Mack & Caroline - Seniors 2018

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve - Great afternoon back in September with these twins and Super Dog Astro!  Thinking back, Astro had the hard job of all, to have to sit still with ALL the people walking and passing by!  We even saw Mr. Larry List on a jog over the bridge that afternoon!  Love these photos of them each individually and together!

Kat - March 2017 - PWSH Senior 2017

Katharine, or Kat as her friends and family call her is just down right GORGEOUS!  Her blonde hair with the stunning backlight couldn't have been prettier!   I met Kat's mom, Laura when we were freshmen at Baylor so it was especially cool to get to take Kat's Senior Photos!  We started out at the Adriatica in McKinney and then traveled into several areas of Prosper!  You just can't beat the lighting and the sunsets way out in the country.  haha!  Thank you Kat for a beautiful session and I know you'll love Texas Tech in the fall!

Burke - December 2016 Downtown Dallas

Burke!!  What a great sport! He showed incredible patience while we drove around Downtown Dallas for three hours on a Sunday afternoon in December.  Except that wasn't all, because of a photography blunder I made, he had to get dressed up again last Sunday afternoon so I could retake some of the photos!  Never once did he complain!!  Thank you Burke and Mary for being so understanding and finding a time to retake what I thought were the best photos!  With every session you live and learn and I'm so thankful for understanding people that are willing we just go back and re-take them!  Burke is still deciding between two schools and you can see at the end which one he sort of thinks it will be!  Congratulations Burke!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year!  I promise you wont have to take any more photos in Victory Park!  =)

Alexis - October 2016 - Arbor Hills & Northwood Hills

Alexis was a dream to work with!  I was fortunate enough to coach Alexis for several months her junior year on Varsity Cheer.  So it was easy to find things to talk about! =)  She was so natural in front of the camera and I loved her classy timeless style!  We were fortunate enough to find three different yards in Northwood Hills and one even with a swing!  Then we headed over to Arbor Hills where we made our way through several fields finding gorgeous light!  I loved her willingness to twirl or jump or skip or anything else silly I asked her to do.  I wanted that genuine smile, and I GOT IT!  =)  Can't wait to see where Alexis decides to go to school and I would LOVE if she decided to try out for cheer too!! 

16C_2052-Edit Alexis Everitt - Web.jpg

TCA Varsity Cheer - Seniors

August 2016 -

I was thrilled to be asked to photograph the Seniors from TCA Varsity Cheer this summer.  The pictures would be used in the TCA Sports program passed out at the home football games this fall.  This session was especially fun for me because I got to see many of the girls I use to coach at TCA!!  It was BEYOND hot on this day in August, but that didn't ruin the fun. 

My favorite part was that they didn't even hesitate when I asked them to wade through the waters and look how great those turned out!!=)

Wishing you all a great year, Seniors 2017!  Go Trojans!

Every good session MUST include some fun! 

As you can see we did just that!