Shelby - 2019 Senior - Plano West Senior High School

DECEMBER 2018 - Location: St. Andrew Methodist Church & Arbor Hills! St. Andrews has gorgeous lighting for photos! I loved too that we were able to make such different looks in the same location!! See the red sweater and then the leather jacket! YEP, all at the same location only steps away from each other!! Then we headed over to Arbor Hills for some photos closer to sunset!L

Marifer - Bishop Lynch 2018

March 2018 - What a delight she was!  Super friendly and outgoing and I loved her color choices of clothing for her session!  Lots in bloom this past spring, especially there at Lakeside Park!

Haley Kate - TCA Senior 2018

Labor Day Weekend:  Literally a dream come true, to fly to Rosemary Beach and take one my closest friends, daughters senior photos!  We had more fun than you should be allowed to have on a photo session!  We lived it up with no limit on outfits or locations!  This was the essence of a "#onlocation" session!  As you can see from the photos, HK is precious and I could have stayed for days, but we finally decided to end by throwing the flowers for some action shots!  All that to say, I am TOTALLY available for travel, just ask, we can work something out!!  =)

Daniel - TCA Senior 2018

This is a great guy!  I loved the time with Daniel and his family on this Saturday evening in August!  (Yes! I'm a little behind on blogging!)  We found lots of places in Deep Ellum, which I probably wouldn't suggest again on a Saturday night, but it definitely made it interesting and the people walking around did love his suit!  haha!!   After Deep Ellum, we traveled over to the top of a Downtown Dallas parking garage!  Daniel is a well-liked guy, talented guitarist and played varsity football at TCA.  He also had a big impact on my own son.   I know Daniel will do well wherever he chooses to go to school!!

Kennedy - TCA Senior 2018

Loved spending the afternoon with this fantastic girl who is also Co-Captain on the TCA Varsity Cheer Team, which I am lucky enough to get to help coach!  We started at The Adriatica in McKinney, then traveled North to a little spot off Hwy 380 where I told Kennedy I was going to name the location after her!   It was so pretty and the colors of the leaves could not have been more striking!!  THEN, we sent to a couple of my favorite places in Prosper.  It was a full afternoon and I love the changes in light from beginning to end.  Kennedy would love to pursue her love for acting in college, I can't wait to see where she decides to go!

LOCATION:  Adriatica in McKinney and Prosper, TX

Macey - October 2016 - Downtown Dallas

This is MACEY!!  You don't get more personable or enjoyable a senior than Macey!  She is up for anything and always has a smile on her face.  In fact some of the best pictures of her are because she was trying to be serious but would erupt into laughter because she just couldn't do it!  =)  I have lots of connections to Macey's family!  Many friendships through the years with her grandparents, parents and siblings!  Its always especially fun to take senior photos of someone you know so much about.  Macey is going into nursing at the University of Arkansas and I would say its a perfect fit!!

Macey's sortof last picture.  She has been a cheerleader at TCA the past five years and it seemed fitting she should take a jumping picture as part of her session!  Jumping in the fountain was a bonus!!  =)

Gayden - October 2016 - Galatyn Park & Addison, TX

Great session with Gayden on this Sunday in October.  He was super easy to talk to and had such a great attitude and casualness about him that made the session go by fast!  We started off near the Blue Cross Blue Shield building in Richardson.  There is a creek, Spring Creek, that runs behind it and was the perfect setting for Gayden to show his personality.  After all, that IS what I aim for, to show WHO the senior is!  If they're "smiley" show it, if they're more serious, capture that!  As a mom of three, that is what I would want a photographer to capture in their photos of my kids so I do just that!  After the creek photos we headed onto the property of Blue Cross Blue Shield........ but that was sort of short lived!  =)   Lastly, I went with Gayden and his mom to this little place off Addison Rd. .that I pass by a dozen times a week!  Its an old run-down building by a car wash sitting in front of some train tracks and a horse trailer.  It was perfect and I was glad Gayden was easy going enough to join me in venturing to a new location.   Gayden has his choice of schools to go to, can't wait to see which one he picks!  And THANKS for the GREAT LAST SHOT!!!  Its one of my favorites!!

TCA Varsity Cheer - Seniors

August 2016 -

I was thrilled to be asked to photograph the Seniors from TCA Varsity Cheer this summer.  The pictures would be used in the TCA Sports program passed out at the home football games this fall.  This session was especially fun for me because I got to see many of the girls I use to coach at TCA!!  It was BEYOND hot on this day in August, but that didn't ruin the fun. 

My favorite part was that they didn't even hesitate when I asked them to wade through the waters and look how great those turned out!!=)

Wishing you all a great year, Seniors 2017!  Go Trojans!

Every good session MUST include some fun! 

As you can see we did just that!