Kuhne Family - March 2017 - Prairie Creek Park

This is the Kuhne family!  My husband went to high school with both Brad and Kristen so our family has a long history of life overlapping.  Kristen and I had mutual friends and we were both involved in Junior League of Richardson but REALLY got to know each other in playgroup with our oldest boys!  haha!  

Kristen was running for a second term on the RISD school board, which she WON by the way, and needed an updated family photo.  As you can see by the various shots they are a close family that likes to have fun!  We got to re-create a favorite photo of the two boys from when they were toddlers and I think its a sore subject that the youngest son is also the tallest of the three men!  Love this family and they were a joy to spend the afternoon with!