Megan & Tyler - Twins - 2019 Seniors - John Paul II High School

December 2018 - Location - SMU Campus - Lighting on a sunny day at SMU is perfection! I seriously LOVE a session with twins!! Its super busy and non-stop for me as I take photos constantly for the full 2 hours. While one is changing I take photos of the other twin and we switch off back and forth til they get all the outfits in. I enjoy it because both mom and dad usually come, so its fun to see the family dynamics and we all have a really good time! Megan had so much personality and I could tell she and her brother had a sweet relationship! Which is why another goal of my twin sessions is to get photos of them together. It takes a lot of planning ahead of clothing to wear and locations that work for both. Enjoy scrolling at all the awesome photos we got on this December day, not to mention some candids just doing what ever came to mind! Loved working with this family!