Gayden - October 2016 - Galatyn Park & Addison, TX

Great session with Gayden on this Sunday in October.  He was super easy to talk to and had such a great attitude and casualness about him that made the session go by fast!  We started off near the Blue Cross Blue Shield building in Richardson.  There is a creek, Spring Creek, that runs behind it and was the perfect setting for Gayden to show his personality.  After all, that IS what I aim for, to show WHO the senior is!  If they're "smiley" show it, if they're more serious, capture that!  As a mom of three, that is what I would want a photographer to capture in their photos of my kids so I do just that!  After the creek photos we headed onto the property of Blue Cross Blue Shield........ but that was sort of short lived!  =)   Lastly, I went with Gayden and his mom to this little place off Addison Rd. .that I pass by a dozen times a week!  Its an old run-down building by a car wash sitting in front of some train tracks and a horse trailer.  It was perfect and I was glad Gayden was easy going enough to join me in venturing to a new location.   Gayden has his choice of schools to go to, can't wait to see which one he picks!  And THANKS for the GREAT LAST SHOT!!!  Its one of my favorites!!