Alexis - October 2016 - Arbor Hills & Northwood Hills

Alexis was a dream to work with!  I was fortunate enough to coach Alexis for several months her junior year on Varsity Cheer.  So it was easy to find things to talk about! =)  She was so natural in front of the camera and I loved her classy timeless style!  We were fortunate enough to find three different yards in Northwood Hills and one even with a swing!  Then we headed over to Arbor Hills where we made our way through several fields finding gorgeous light!  I loved her willingness to twirl or jump or skip or anything else silly I asked her to do.  I wanted that genuine smile, and I GOT IT!  =)  Can't wait to see where Alexis decides to go to school and I would LOVE if she decided to try out for cheer too!! 

16C_2052-Edit Alexis Everitt - Web.jpg