Elliott Family - Aboretum November 2016

There is no session in 2016 or to date that has moved me as much as The Elliott Family.  I can't even put into words the emotion of being behind the camera watching this incredible family interact and love on each other.  If I'm just honest, I was in tears several times throughout the session.  Watching Roddy and Dee and the love they have for their three sons, daughter in law, Kathleen and their grandchildren was extraordinary.  Dee, the grandfather, has ALS and it was the idea of Kathleen, their daughter in law, to get the entire family together for a memorable photo session and she chose ME as the photographer!  It only took a few minutes to fall in love with this family.  Scroll down and you will too!   They were funny and joyful and took serious photos but in general had a good time being together.  (See the photo a few down where they mimicked Shakespeare!   There isn't a single time when I see one of these photos that I don't say a prayer for them.  I will always be grateful to Kathleen for trusting me to capture this special day!

Burke - December 2016 Downtown Dallas

Burke!!  What a great sport! He showed incredible patience while we drove around Downtown Dallas for three hours on a Sunday afternoon in December.  Except that wasn't all, because of a photography blunder I made, he had to get dressed up again last Sunday afternoon so I could retake some of the photos!  Never once did he complain!!  Thank you Burke and Mary for being so understanding and finding a time to retake what I thought were the best photos!  With every session you live and learn and I'm so thankful for understanding people that are willing we just go back and re-take them!  Burke is still deciding between two schools and you can see at the end which one he sort of thinks it will be!  Congratulations Burke!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year!  I promise you wont have to take any more photos in Victory Park!  =)

Macey - October 2016 - Downtown Dallas

This is MACEY!!  You don't get more personable or enjoyable a senior than Macey!  She is up for anything and always has a smile on her face.  In fact some of the best pictures of her are because she was trying to be serious but would erupt into laughter because she just couldn't do it!  =)  I have lots of connections to Macey's family!  Many friendships through the years with her grandparents, parents and siblings!  Its always especially fun to take senior photos of someone you know so much about.  Macey is going into nursing at the University of Arkansas and I would say its a perfect fit!!

Macey's sortof last picture.  She has been a cheerleader at TCA the past five years and it seemed fitting she should take a jumping picture as part of her session!  Jumping in the fountain was a bonus!!  =)