Kuhne Family - March 2017 - Prairie Creek Park

This is the Kuhne family!  My husband went to high school with both Brad and Kristen so our family has a long history of life overlapping.  Kristen and I had mutual friends and we were both involved in Junior League of Richardson but REALLY got to know each other in playgroup with our oldest boys!  haha!  

Kristen was running for a second term on the RISD school board, which she WON by the way, and needed an updated family photo.  As you can see by the various shots they are a close family that likes to have fun!  We got to re-create a favorite photo of the two boys from when they were toddlers and I think its a sore subject that the youngest son is also the tallest of the three men!  Love this family and they were a joy to spend the afternoon with!

Kat - March 2017 - PWSH Senior 2017

Katharine, or Kat as her friends and family call her is just down right GORGEOUS!  Her blonde hair with the stunning backlight couldn't have been prettier!   I met Kat's mom, Laura when we were freshmen at Baylor so it was especially cool to get to take Kat's Senior Photos!  We started out at the Adriatica in McKinney and then traveled into several areas of Prosper!  You just can't beat the lighting and the sunsets way out in the country.  haha!  Thank you Kat for a beautiful session and I know you'll love Texas Tech in the fall!

Isabella - December 2016 - Senior 2017

This is Isabella!  Isn't she absolutely adorable!  We met out at Myers Park in McKinney and then ventured over to a little spot in Prosper that I have found!  This was the first time I had met Isabella and we instantly clicked!   Those big brown eyes, her shiny black hair and that beautiful smile made her session a breeze!  Not to mention she could play a real life "Belle" and her  personality was precious!!  I loved that she was willing to climb fences (that seems to be a common theme in my sessions... oops) and even after we were over the fence and saw the very large guard dog she was willing to let me take more photos before we hopped back over!  =)  I loved getting to know her and I am positive she is going to thrive at the University of Texas!

Elliott Family - Aboretum November 2016

There is no session in 2016 or to date that has moved me as much as The Elliott Family.  I can't even put into words the emotion of being behind the camera watching this incredible family interact and love on each other.  If I'm just honest, I was in tears several times throughout the session.  Watching Roddy and Dee and the love they have for their three sons, daughter in law, Kathleen and their grandchildren was extraordinary.  Dee, the grandfather, has ALS and it was the idea of Kathleen, their daughter in law, to get the entire family together for a memorable photo session and she chose ME as the photographer!  It only took a few minutes to fall in love with this family.  Scroll down and you will too!   They were funny and joyful and took serious photos but in general had a good time being together.  (See the photo a few down where they mimicked Shakespeare!   There isn't a single time when I see one of these photos that I don't say a prayer for them.  I will always be grateful to Kathleen for trusting me to capture this special day!