Haley Kate - TCA Senior 2018

Labor Day Weekend:  Literally a dream come true, to fly to Rosemary Beach and take one my closest friends, daughters senior photos!  We had more fun than you should be allowed to have on a photo session!  We lived it up with no limit on outfits or locations!  This was the essence of a "#onlocation" session!  As you can see from the photos, HK is precious and I could have stayed for days, but we finally decided to end by throwing the flowers for some action shots!  All that to say, I am TOTALLY available for travel, just ask, we can work something out!!  =)

Daniel - TCA Senior 2018

This is a great guy!  I loved the time with Daniel and his family on this Saturday evening in August!  (Yes! I'm a little behind on blogging!)  We found lots of places in Deep Ellum, which I probably wouldn't suggest again on a Saturday night, but it definitely made it interesting and the people walking around did love his suit!  haha!!   After Deep Ellum, we traveled over to the top of a Downtown Dallas parking garage!  Daniel is a well-liked guy, talented guitarist and played varsity football at TCA.  He also had a big impact on my own son.   I know Daniel will do well wherever he chooses to go to school!!

Kennedy - TCA Senior 2018

Loved spending the afternoon with this fantastic girl who is also Co-Captain on the TCA Varsity Cheer Team, which I am lucky enough to get to help coach!  We started at The Adriatica in McKinney, then traveled North to a little spot off Hwy 380 where I told Kennedy I was going to name the location after her!   It was so pretty and the colors of the leaves could not have been more striking!!  THEN, we sent to a couple of my favorite places in Prosper.  It was a full afternoon and I love the changes in light from beginning to end.  Kennedy would love to pursue her love for acting in college, I can't wait to see where she decides to go!

LOCATION:  Adriatica in McKinney and Prosper, TX

Kuhne Family - March 2017 - Prairie Creek Park

This is the Kuhne family!  My husband went to high school with both Brad and Kristen so our family has a long history of life overlapping.  Kristen and I had mutual friends and we were both involved in Junior League of Richardson but REALLY got to know each other in playgroup with our oldest boys!  haha!  

Kristen was running for a second term on the RISD school board, which she WON by the way, and needed an updated family photo.  As you can see by the various shots they are a close family that likes to have fun!  We got to re-create a favorite photo of the two boys from when they were toddlers and I think its a sore subject that the youngest son is also the tallest of the three men!  Love this family and they were a joy to spend the afternoon with!