About Wendi!

Hello there!!!  I love that you're here!  About me in a nutshell:  I've lived in Dallas my whole life, so I know the Dallas area well and I'm familiar with a huge variety of places to take photographs!    I went to Baylor University where I met my husband, David, our freshman year!! We dated all through college and got married at 22!!   We have two sons and a daughter, who I truly owe my experience to.  They have willingly, well sortof, let me photograph their every move.  Sometimes it was staging Christmas Card photos, or it was  birthday parties, or sporting events or graduation photo shoots, my camera and I have been there!!

I have a wide variety of interests!  Like a-lot!!   I have coached and still coach high school cheerleading for twenty plus years, I workout several days a week (relieves stress), in fact I was even a personal trainer at one point,  I absolutely love to laugh, no really, if you need an audience for a dumb, or not so funny joke, I'm your girl!     I enjoy small groups rather than large groups, and I'm more of a thinker than a speaker, which explains WHY I love the ability to tell stories through photography! Enough about me, you want to know, why you should choose me to take your photos.  =)

Since my early teens, I have had a passion for photography and a desire to learn more about the art, creativity and mechanics behind it.   However, being a child of the "film" age it was hard to find the resources and the practice time to learn the skills to be a photographer.  So in 2004 when I got my first digital SLR camera, I started spending many hours behind a camera.  Plus, it was great entertainment for 3 little ones!!

I would say I specialize in PEOPLE!  Seniors, Families, portraits, sports, and styled shoots!  You will always find me with a camera in hand, or at least in my car.  Does it make me miss the big picture?  Maybe? But is it worth it to me to have the ability to go back to that moment in time?  YES!

My goal is to capture your senior, your child, your family or your friend group as YOU see them.  Having three kids of my own I view each session as if it were a session for my own family.

My desire is to get the standard 8x10 on the bookshelf, but even more so to capture the photographs that stir emotion, or make you say, "THAT is the sweetest"   My favorite pictures are the ones they don't know you captured, the ones that trigger a memory of life as it was during that period of time.  So expect lots of clicking, posed and un-posed, expect lots of moving around while on location and expect my sincere interest in YOU!

I look forward to seeing you behind the lens.

Wendi Kesler

A few of my favorite Behind the Scenes!

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